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Good collaboration requires continuous attention and development. Don't be afraid of differences; even better, leverage them. The real difference is made by how you handle those differences.

In every organization, it's about how people work together to achieve a goal and the interplay of personalities. What can one person mean to another, how do they influence each other, and what is the effect on everyone's contribution?

Collaboration involves enthusiasm, inspiration, and energy. Yet, it also encompasses clashes, conflicts, and sensitivities - elements that can either make collaboration excel or disrupt it. Team building involves understanding the dynamics within the team, thus aiming for optimal collaboration.

And the impact on the entire organization? Motivated employees, increased effectiveness in collaboration and communication, and improved business results. Additionally, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover, and increased organizational commitment.



A team is not a group of individuals working together, but a unity sharing a common vision.


See and feel!

Strengthening collaboration through smooth, effective interpersonal communication. This starts with (better) self-awareness, (better) understanding of others, and grasping the dynamics between them. Our approach consists of three parts:


Participants complete two online questionnaires: Communication Style and Character Profile. This yields information regarding team culture, methodologies, qualities, behavioral preferences, and the key value of participants for the team.


In an extensive personal conversation, participants receive explanations about the Communication Style and Character Profile models. They learn the meaning behind their own results. Additionally, the discussion provides insight into the themes at play within the team.


During the team session, all insights are linked to the context in which the team operates - the day-to-day reality. Emphasis is placed on experiencing and internalizing, in short, the firsthand experience. Practical examples are essential in this regard.

What happens after a team session?

At the conclusion of the team session and during an evaluation conversation, we are pleased to make suggestions for a follow-up. We offer various practical and innovative services to keep team development vibrant. This can include e-learning modules, video materials, apps, coaching, and various training programs.

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