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Why an assessment

An assessment provides insight into the candidate. The results reveal (hidden) talents, motivations, communication style, affinities, pitfalls, areas for development, competencies, and, if desired, intelligence.

This can be of added value in the context of selection, recruitment, and development.

At a glance, gain objective insight into all these aspects of a candidate.

The assessment is for everyone

The online assessment is available for adults with educational backgrounds ranging from vocational training (VMBO), intermediate vocational education (MBO), higher education (HBO), to university education (WO). The questionnaires are adapted in language, content, and length to the level of the target audience.

You can gain insights into the motivations, strengths, and potential development themes of your employee by using personality questionnaires and/or intellectual capacity tests. The tests and questionnaires are conducted and scored online. Intellectual capacity tests have a time limit, while personality questionnaires do not. The duration of the assessment depends on the specific tests you choose.

Insight into:

  • personality
    • Communication preferences
    • Motivations
    • Competencies
    • Fear of failure
  • Intellectual capacities
  • Team dynamics



How do we offer assessments


Online assessment

For the individual
For development and selection
Conducted by iScreen

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Day assessment

Combined coaching and assessment
For development and selection
Conducted by iScreen

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In-house assessment

Post-training own online environment
For development and selection

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