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In our guidance, we assist individuals in taking the next step in their careers, which can happen in various ways. We offer 'Career transition' support, suitable for those actively seeking a new job. Additionally, we provide coaching for those looking to progress within their current career and offer support in creating a solid plan for the (near) future.

Our approach is effective and distinctive due to the combination of personalized guidance, (online) assessments (mapping out strengths, talents, affinities, motivations, pitfalls, etc.), and diverse work methods.

The career trajectory is conducted under the guidance of a dedicated coach/psychologist. Moreover, certain components can be conducted remotely, such as e-learning, online questionnaires, and homework assignments.

The 6 phases of the process

  • The intake phase, which focuses on exploring the career question alongside a personal introduction.

  • Exploration around the questions "Who am I, what can I do, what do I want?" In addition to conversations, online questionnaires are used to gain insights into personal talents, motivators, areas for development, and ambitions.

  • Developing and practicing job application skills; learning to present oneself convincingly in cover letters, resumes, and job interviews.

  • Job hunting by exploring and proactively approaching the job market online.

  • Saying goodbye to the old organization/situation and developing a new perspective towards the future.

  • Aftercare aimed at ensuring a sustainable placement.





Career transition support

Career transition support is a form of career guidance that we offer.
Naturally, such a trajectory is always a matter of customization.
After all, the career query is always at the forefront.
A (general) plan of action is formulated based on this question.

While customization is always essential, there are several identifiable stages
that are typically followed during the guidance.
These stages are addressed to varying degrees throughout the trajectory,
depending on the situation and needs.

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