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Organization development is a process, constantly in motion, where goals should always be considered provisional. Sustainability is central. Paradoxically, the essence of this focuses on agility - the ability to effectively adapt to changing circumstances. 'You endure for a long time if you know how to adapt.' To be agile as an organization, applying the human touch is crucial. Good human relationships promote collaboration, engagement, and dedication, contributing to harnessing talent, mobility, and innovative capability.

We offer a comprehensive solution. Not a complex step-by-step plan that aims to quickly lead the organization to a predetermined endpoint. Instead, we embrace an approach that continually facilitates the development process, with attention to the ongoing adaptation and optimization of the organization through connections.



What we aim to do is enrich organizations. Connect the people who work there. Ensure they feel more understood, engaged, and valued. That's motivating. To bring out the best in themselves and collectively make a difference. This, in turn, helps the organization reduce failure costs, create an effective work environment, and align with current stakeholder needs

Leon Schoonen & Alex Tegenbosch

Board of directors iScreen



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