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With our Online Assessment Partner, you are able to conduct online assessments yourself in a simple and efficient manner. Thanks to our extensive collection of personality questionnaires and tests, you will gain in-depth insights into various aspects, such as personality, work and thinking level, stress and performance anxiety, interests, group dynamics, 360-degree feedback, and valuable development tips. These analyses provide valuable insights not only on an individual level but also for group-level.

The online web application Wizard by iScreen is extremely user-friendly and professional. This enables us to test many individuals within a short timeframe and assist them in further developing their competencies. We have been experiencing excellent support from the support team and psychologists for over 15 years.

Michel van Hesse

Sales Improvement Group



Our Tool

Our versatile tool is invaluable across various HR domains, including recruitment, talent development, coaching, career guidance, sustainable employability, mobility, leadership, and team development.

The system

All these functionalities are integrated into an intelligent, comprehensive, and extremely user-friendly online system. With just 3 clicks, you can invite candidates, with the system automatically setting up the right default settings for you. This allows you to generate standard reports but also create customized reports, readily available at your fingertips.


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