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19 March 1996

Castor Fiber Group is founded

Psychological business consultancy Castor Fiber Group is established by Leon Schoonen. The main activities include; Assessments, Coaching and Teambuilding.

22 April 2002

Introduction of online activities

iScreen is founded for all online activities. The first version of our online testing system sees the light of day. In cooperation with educational publisher Malmberg, we start our expertise in the field of psychological test development. 

17 December 2002

Introduction of Communication Style and Character Profile

Our Communication Style and Character Profile models are introduced to our clients. These questionnaires are developed based on well-known theories for mapping communication preferences and character traits.


13 May 2006

Officially iScreen

iScreen is growing rapidly because the online or hybrid (online and offline) activities keep expanding. For the clientage the double naming of Castor Fiber Group and iScreen is becoming increasingly unclear. As a result, all activities are accomodated under one name: iScreen.

19 September 2014

COTAN registration Talentenkompas

Talentenkompas helps students discover, develop, and appreciate their talents, designed specifically for students in grades 7 and 8. Despite Talentenkompas being developed a while ago, it obtained COTAN registration in 2014.

2 February 2021

Launch Talentwijzer LOB

After years of private use of our personality questionnaires for secondary education, we have developed a program in our iPortfolio - in collaboration with secondary education schools - for career orientation within secondary education.


12 June 2023

Meaningful Human Leadership

Our approach to meaningful human leadership, focused on strong connections and emphasizing empathy, is taking on an increasingly beautiful form in our iPortfolio through collaboration with clients.


18 June 2023

Patent MTO Talent Model

After developing the Human Team Organization (HTO) Talent Model and implementing it with various clients, it is now also the protected intellectual property of iScreen. We're proud of this achievement! Do you want to learn more about our HTO Talent Model as a tool? 

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