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Step out of your comfort zone

17 August 2023

Change and growth are achieved through movement. The foundation for growth always lies just beyond your comfort zone. Unfortunately, that's the case. Hence, it's often challenging; you invent reasons not to do it or blame others or circumstances. The good news is that it's not as bad as it seems, and it even brings immense satisfaction afterward! Provided it's responsible, safe, and step by step. Stepping out of your comfort zone: here's how you begin.

Thee kopjes

Do's and Don'ts in an Online Assessment

15 August 2023

You have been invited for an online assessment. What can you do and what should you avoid?

donts assessment

7 reasons to never do an assessment!

15 July 2023

An assessment?!? 7 reasons why you shouldn't do it!

dos online assessment

7 reasons to do an assessment

15 July 2023

The answers to the misconceptions from the blog: 7 reasons never to do an assessment


The Misunderstanding of Leadership

24 May 2023

Leadership. You can take it, receive it, and give it. And nearly all leadership development methods focus on that first aspect: taking. How can you do it better?


Understanding People, Roles, and Processes | Case Study Spie

25 April 2023

After years of growth and changes, so-called "silos" emerged within the organizations. The transfer between departments was difficult, and employees felt less collectively responsible. SPIE wanted to engage and retain employees due to a tight labor market. Managers also felt the need to better coordinate and achieve shared goals.


The 7 Surprising Benefits of Coaching

15 August 2022

During the intake, coaching clients often express: "I tried to find a solution to my question on my own, but it didn't work, so that's why I reached out for coaching." It appears as if seeking coaching is perceived as a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth!

driedimensionaal schaken

Passion as a Source of Change Capability

17 July 2022

How can an organization successfully change and remain agile? A sneak peek: This can truly be achieved through the human factor within your company! And to perceive, embrace, and sustain this requires leadership. Not only passionate leaders determine success, but also a team of passionate employees!


Development is continuous | Case Study Surplus

15 January 2022

How have employees perceived the process of completing the Talentscan and what is actually done with the results? How do we ensure that development remains continuous?


How open are you to feedback?

23 October 2021

Everyone is open to feedback and listens to it. That realization has significantly lowered my hesitation to provide feedback. How did I learn that?

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